I align Nature, Culture, and Future to shift power.

At the intersection of Regeneration & Revolution

In a world where the traditional approach to business and economics is rapidly changing, we stand at the forefront of a revolutionary idea: Regenerative Economics. Our aim is to transform businesses not just for profit, but to create a positive impact on all beings and the planet.

What is Regenerative Economics?

Regeneration is the process that delivers sustainable living systems as the outcome of that process. Therefore, intelligent system design (and appropriate humility) would suggest using the same universal patterns and principles the cosmos uses to build stable, healthy, and sustainable systems throughout the real world as the model for our human economy.

This idea is grounded on three premises: 

  • The human economy is a living system (albeit an unhealthy one today). 
  • There are universal patterns and principles – “first principles” – we can define that broadly describe the qualities and tendencies of how life works. 
  • If the human economy is to be sustainable over the long run, it must harness the regenerative process by aligning with these same “first principles” of living systems.  

Source: The Capital Institute

I help good people doing good work

make great impact. 

My name is Amar Patel. I got my first computer at 5, wrote my first line of code at 10, and attempled to build my first company at 15. I am inspired by Nature more than trends or money. I handcraft brands, platforms, and experiences to spread good ideas as far and wide as possible. This is a Labor of Love, a spiritual practice, a way of life.

Innovative Design

Crafting visuals that speak volumes. From eco-friendly packaging to sustainable web design, our creations are not only eye-catching but also earth-friendly.

Impactful Marketing

Telling your story in a way that resonates. Our campaigns go beyond business-as-usual; they’re about creating a narrative that aligns people, planet, and profit.

Intelligent Systems

Harnessing technology to save time, money, and energy. Our systems are designed to streamline operations and distribution without missing a beat.

I will turn your ideas into income.

Some Of My Favorite Work

Hawaii By Storm

Maui Eco Retreat

Guo Gu Laoshi

Dharma Relief

Animal Samaritans

Evolutionary Education

Breath Of Life Recovery

Hawai'i Tours

Make Contact

I like to keep things very simple and old school. Let’s just talk on the phone or by email and figure out what you need and how I can help you. We don’t need to make this too complicated. Less is more is my approach to business, to life, to everything.


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